Is Blogging for Anyone?

The reason I started blogging was for class but I’ve actually thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was talking to my friend about how I might continue after this class is over because it helps me release my thoughts and it’s fun to be able to see how many people view my blog. I may not have many followers now, but I’m not really writing for anyone else but myself at this point. In 2012, wrote about how blogging was on the rise because it was an expression of ones self and I couldn’t agree more. My busiest week of views was November 14, and I got  11 views. I believe it was the most popular because of the way I promoted it on twitter and the hashtags I used.
Even though I struggled working the slideshow at first, that was my favorite tool we used. I loved being able to add multiple pictures and captions. There weren’t any tools on WordPress I didn’t like. I also love the HTML tool because sometimes when you put your picture in, the system goes crazy but not if it’s in the HTML form. The only thing I want to improve on my blog is making it more personal without having to pay for anything.
I believe this blog has inspired me to market myself as whole and that will help me in the future when I need to get a job. It’s helped me become better with technology and that could also potentially help me in my future jobs. I want to work as hard as I can on my own, with the help of my teachers, family, and friends to get further in the like of work I would like to go into. Everyone has to learn from someone and we all need to work together to get things done more efficiently. This blog has definitely helped me learn how to be more effective.

Anyone can start a blog about something they love!

A Workout for Me is a Workout for Coco!

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As I’ve said before in one of my previous blogs, Coco is usually pretty calm when it’s just me and her. The only times she gets excited are when people come over and when I’m laying down to do my ab exercises. For some reason, whenever I get on the ground to exercise, Coco thinks it’s time to go play. It might be because I’m getting on her level.

Coco will bring me one toy that she want me to throw continuously while I’m doing my workout. She’s usually good about being patient until I’m done with my sets. If I turn to face the other way and do a different exercise, she makes sure I can see her. Sometimes she even sits on my tummy while I’m doing my sit-ups.

Dogs are a lot like people and need exercise also. I use cocos excitement during this time to get her a little extra running in. I’ve found this website that gives you some ideas on what you could do to give your dog more exercise: Fetch is always the easiest way to get Coco exercise because her ball is her favorite toy. I have to replace her balls fairly often because she rips them up so fast.

A Bundle of Energy

People always ask me why Coco has so much energy or what’s wrong with her. She does have a lot of energy for a small dog but the truth is, when it’s just me and coco, she just lays around.img_1519

Sometimes when it’s just us, she will want to play ball, but usually she just sticks to her routine. She lays in bed while I get ready in the morning, bc she has less energy than me truthfully.
When people come over, that’s when Coco goes crazy. She gets soo soo excited! She wants to get out all her toys and show them her balls and squeaky toys. She wants everyone to play fetch with her and the fun never stops. Coco will purposely push her ball under the couch so you have to get on your hands a knees to get it. She becomes a complete rascal.
I try to explain this to new guests that just meet Coco but they don’t get it. They think she’s crazy but anyone who knows coco, knows it’s how she gets to know your personality. She’s trying to get to know if you’re cool or not. If you play with Coco and give her the time of day, she likes you but if you don’t then good luck to you! Check out this article that explains why small dogs get away with the little things like jumping and barking that the big dogs don’t:

That’s Scrapy

I used to feed Coco off the table a lot as a puppy. I think that contributed to her not gaining weight at first. I thought because I saw other dog owners doing it around me, it was okay to do it for coco. What I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t okay because Coco was so small and not like other dogs.
I didn’t realize how smart Coco was at the time but I did realize how dumb I was! After reading from this website,, it turns out dogs will stop eating their food completely if you start feeeding them off the table. Coco wasn’t eating her dog food and would only eat people food. She would wait until I ate to see what I had left over and if I had anything left she would eat it, if I didn’t then she would eat her dog food. I knew this couldn’t be healthy for Coco.
I eventually had to stop doing this because one week Coco got soo sick. I had to get up every 2-3 hours at night to take her out. Her poor tummy was so sick and she had horrible runs. After this episode, I vowed to never feed Coco scraps off the table no matter how much she begs! img_1459

So Fresh, So Clean

img_1474Some dogs shed, some dogs need to be groomed. Coco needs to go to the groomer about every 2 or 3 months. Her hair isn’t hard to maintain because it grows pretty slow but I can’t let it get too long because it will get nappy and she won’t let me brush it. Coco literally attacks the brush when you try to put it anywhere near her.
This week I took Coco to the groomer in San Marcos. She always goes to beyond grooming.
I highly recommend this place for college students because they always charge me the same price and it’s reasonable. I trust them with Coco and have been taking her there since she was a baby.
At first I didn’t know how to get Coco cut but the groomer, who also happens to be the owner, talked to me and helped me find a suitable style for Coco. We’ve managed to stick to that style every time we go in because we like it so much. Coco always seems so happy when she’s leaving the groomer. They put cute bows in her hair and she smells fresh and clean.

Halloween Again

img_1404It’s that time of year again! Everyone’s going to dress up and then they’re going to dress up their cute little puppies. There’s gonna be contests for the cutest puppy and their costume…and then there’s me and Coco. This is a blog that’s having a photo contest for Halloween and I thought that was super cool! We won’t be participating EVER, thank you Coco!
Coco is the cutest dog. She’s very friendly and energetic but she hates having things touch her body. She doesn’t like baths, being brushed, or clothes. This is probably the saddest news ever considering how small and cute clothes would look on her.
Coco also gets cold easily, so clothes would benefit her. She doesn’t understand that I’m trying to help her, not only with her style but also not being cold. I think Coco could win a contest if she dressed up for Halloween. Everyone loves Coco!