A Workout for Me is a Workout for Coco!

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As I’ve said before in one of my previous blogs, Coco is usually pretty calm when it’s just me and her. The only times she gets excited are when people come over and when I’m laying down to do my ab exercises. For some reason, whenever I get on the ground to exercise, Coco thinks it’s time to go play. It might be because I’m getting on her level.

Coco will bring me one toy that she want me to throw continuously while I’m doing my workout. She’s usually good about being patient until I’m done with my sets. If I turn to face the other way and do a different exercise, she makes sure I can see her. Sometimes she even sits on my tummy while I’m doing my sit-ups.

Dogs are a lot like people and need exercise also. I use cocos excitement during this time to get her a little extra running in. I’ve found this website that gives you some ideas on what you could do to give your dog more exercise: https://www.lovethatpet.com/dogs/health/exercise/. Fetch is always the easiest way to get Coco exercise because her ball is her favorite toy. I have to replace her balls fairly often because she rips them up so fast.


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