A Bundle of Energy

People always ask me why Coco has so much energy or what’s wrong with her. She does have a lot of energy for a small dog but the truth is, when it’s just me and coco, she just lays around.img_1519

Sometimes when it’s just us, she will want to play ball, but usually she just sticks to her routine. She lays in bed while I get ready in the morning, bc she has less energy than me truthfully.
When people come over, that’s when Coco goes crazy. She gets soo soo excited! She wants to get out all her toys and show them her balls and squeaky toys. She wants everyone to play fetch with her and the fun never stops. Coco will purposely push her ball under the couch so you have to get on your hands a knees to get it. She becomes a complete rascal.
I try to explain this to new guests that just meet Coco but they don’t get it. They think she’s crazy but anyone who knows coco, knows it’s how she gets to know your personality. She’s trying to get to know if you’re cool or not. If you play with Coco and give her the time of day, she likes you but if you don’t then good luck to you! Check out this article that explains why small dogs get away with the little things like jumping and barking that the big dogs don’t: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/articles/smalltoydogs.htm.


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