That’s Scrapy

I used to feed Coco off the table a lot as a puppy. I think that contributed to her not gaining weight at first. I thought because I saw other dog owners doing it around me, it was okay to do it for coco. What I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t okay because Coco was so small and not like other dogs.
I didn’t realize how smart Coco was at the time but I did realize how dumb I was! After reading from this website,, it turns out dogs will stop eating their food completely if you start feeeding them off the table. Coco wasn’t eating her dog food and would only eat people food. She would wait until I ate to see what I had left over and if I had anything left she would eat it, if I didn’t then she would eat her dog food. I knew this couldn’t be healthy for Coco.
I eventually had to stop doing this because one week Coco got soo sick. I had to get up every 2-3 hours at night to take her out. Her poor tummy was so sick and she had horrible runs. After this episode, I vowed to never feed Coco scraps off the table no matter how much she begs! img_1459


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