So Fresh, So Clean

img_1474Some dogs shed, some dogs need to be groomed. Coco needs to go to the groomer about every 2 or 3 months. Her hair isn’t hard to maintain because it grows pretty slow but I can’t let it get too long because it will get nappy and she won’t let me brush it. Coco literally attacks the brush when you try to put it anywhere near her.
This week I took Coco to the groomer in San Marcos. She always goes to beyond grooming.
I highly recommend this place for college students because they always charge me the same price and it’s reasonable. I trust them with Coco and have been taking her there since she was a baby.
At first I didn’t know how to get Coco cut but the groomer, who also happens to be the owner, talked to me and helped me find a suitable style for Coco. We’ve managed to stick to that style every time we go in because we like it so much. Coco always seems so happy when she’s leaving the groomer. They put cute bows in her hair and she smells fresh and clean.


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