Halloween Again

img_1404It’s that time of year again! Everyone’s going to dress up and then they’re going to dress up their cute little puppies. There’s gonna be contests for the cutest puppy and their costume…and then there’s me and Coco. http://www.dogwatch.com/dogtails/2016/10/17/dogwatch-halloween-photo-contest-2016-announcement/ This is a blog that’s having a photo contest for Halloween and I thought that was super cool! We won’t be participating EVER, thank you Coco!
Coco is the cutest dog. She’s very friendly and energetic but she hates having things touch her body. She doesn’t like baths, being brushed, or clothes. This is probably the saddest news ever considering how small and cute clothes would look on her.
Coco also gets cold easily, so clothes would benefit her. She doesn’t understand that I’m trying to help her, not only with her style but also not being cold. I think Coco could win a contest if she dressed up for Halloween. Everyone loves Coco!


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