Play Time, All The Time

There’s no ending to playtime with Coco, and a lot of dog owners know exactly what I mean. Ever since Coco was young, she’s never let me dress her up like the toy dog she is and she’s always been very picky about the toys she plays with. Out of all the toys I’ve bought her, she’s only liked 3 her entire life. Talk about spoiled.
Coco is so small that playtime is all the time in the house. Any time I get on the ground to do abs, Coco brings me a toy and thinks it’s time to play. She gets so excited when people come over that she assumes they are there to play with her. Coco’s favorite toys, by far, are the small Kong balls, you can find them at petsmart or online at:

The first thing Coco does when a guest walks in the door is bring them her ball. She becomes a wiggle worm and gets super excited because she thinks they came to play with her. I take her outside to play fetch but it’s never enough, she will keep playing forever. There is too much energy in such a small dog!



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