Bath Time

This week I decided to give Coco a bath. She doesn’t need baths often because she is an indoor dog but I try to give her a bath every 2-3 weeks. This not only keeps her hair fluffy and white, but also keeps the area around her eyes clean so she doesn’t get any infections in her eyes.
Many dogs, such as some maltipoos, can get eye boogers that will give them infections in their eyes if they’re not cleaned enough. I have to make sure to maintain the area around her eyes for this reason. These boogers can come from many different things like allergies. If your dog has eye boogers and you want to find out more information, checkout this website:
Coco might be small but giving her a bath is a big task. I have to put long gloves on to cover my arms because she doesn’t like to get wet, she will scratch and claw her way out of the tub. After her bath, she runs around as fast as she can in circles throughout the house to try to dry herself faster. I would use a blow dryer but she’s afraid of the noise. After Coco does her laps around the house to dry off, she is as fluffy as could be! img_1418


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