Service Dog Life

imageWhenever Coco was younger, potty training was very hard so I would sometimes have to leave her with friends when I went to work for long periods of time. During this time I found out that Coco was beginning to see me as her caretaker and whenever I would leave her, her separation anxiety would get pretty bad. It’s common for dogs to have separation anxiety but the way Coco deals with it isn’t by ripping things up or destroying her toys, she deals with it in a unique way.
My best friend, who Coco loves and knows very well, told me that when I leave Coco just sits around acting depressed. It worried me at first so I left her with a few other people and they told me the same thing, she doesn’t play with her toys and she will sit and watch the door until I get home. I decided I would try to find a way to figure out how to take Coco with me most places since she is mostly harmless, being so small and as quiet as she is. After looking into service dog training and registration and found something online that looked like it might work for us!
Coco is now registered as an emotional support dog and I’m able to take her anywhere I would like. I do this within reason, of course. This website sends you a certificate, a service dog tag, and a crevice tag ID. Although there are different packages you can check out, I registered coco for only $80. Being able to register Coco as a service dog has been a true blessing for us.


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