The Life of Coco

morganHello, I’m Morgan and this is my dog Coco! She’s all of five pounds and I’ve had her since she was two weeks old, she is now 1 and 1/2. Coco is a maltese poodle mix but was born premature. Yes, she will forever stay tiny!

As I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about I wondered what could be something fun and exciting. I thought coco would be the perfect topic because she’s always a ball of energy, no matter where we go! She may be small but she never gets tired and could play fetch and with her toys for days. Any other small dog owners feel me out there?

Coco is family to me and i believe our pets should be treated with a quality life. my goal is to make Coco have the best quality life I can provide her and to motivate some of you to do the same for your pets also. Most of us care for our pets like we would care for a child. 

As I start to blog, I hope to find more pet owners out there who also have smaller dogs and can teach me new tricks and give me advice on a healthier lifestyle for Coco and maybe I could do the same for their dogs. I would love to hear from any animal lovers though. I would like to end my blog by saying that even though Coco may be small, she has the heart of a giant.


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