Health Issues

attachment-1-4As I mentioned before in my blog, Coco was born premature. I’m not sure how big she was when she was born but when I got her, she was two pounds and she stayed that weight for a while. I worried about her health and noticed she would get dizzy randomly at some points during the day.  After reading online and taking Coco to see the vet a few times, they told me that her blood sugar was dropping because she was too small.

The vet recommended I keep Cocos food out during the day and let her nibble as she pleases because she may not be hungry when I want to feed her and that could be causing her blood sugar to drop. When I started doing this, I noticed a huge difference in how much Coco was eating and how much energy she has. Also recommended by the vet was a high calorie supplement gel that you can get online or at the vet’s office, this is when I really noticed cocos health start to improve!

This gel has a high calorie content and I would give Coco a little bit of it everyday. She immediately started to gain weight and she always wants to go outside and play now. She’s at a healthy enough weight now where I don’t have to feed her the gel anymore but I was giving it to her for about six months. The gel helped Coco want to eat on a daily basis and helped us get to where we are today.


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